she has experienced and worked through many challenges in her own life so knows first hand what it feels like to work through trauma and get free from it.

     The combination of her NLP and TimeLine certifications along with her consulting experience and innate sense to pinpoint challenges and come up with solutions make her highly valuable to small and large businesses alike. In this always changing fast paced world it is imperative that processes and communication be efficient and productive in order to maintain market share in any industry. Davis has state of the art tools and techniques to create substantial productivity growth in a short period of time. For example, in one company she was quickly able to pinpoint flaws in the way phone calls were channeled. Once this was corrected the company more than doubled its in house sales in less than a month.

     Lastly, in both business and personal coaching, Kathryn always leaves clients with a continuing plan of action and makes herself available to answer questions and assist clients with current concerns. Her overall objective is to enable her clients to remove what blocks them from breaking through the next glass ceiling in whatever area of life that happens to be. She works from the highest place in her heart, mind and soul and talks to the highest place in her clients. She knows you have everything inside you you need to succeed and that you know it but you don’t always know that you know it. Once you begin your work with her you will almost immediately start recommending her to your family, coworkers, and friends.